Uta Schmidt used to sell insurance, but now the 48-year-old earns her living with Internet pornography. And Dirty Tina claims: This is the more honest business. Uta Schmidt has set up an Erotic Lounge in a small attic apartment for filming. The supposed amateur pornos have long been a real business. Its cold. Uta Schmidt is standing in the mens room. In front of her a urinal, behind her a giant with a black mask. Flapflapflap, it echoes from the white tiles. Oh yes, push me, she shouts. A woman in a black dress kneels next to her, stroking her thighs. Two men with camcorders circle the group. They wear wool sweaters and thick jackets, Uta Schmidt just a net-like blouse. More net than blouse. She holds on to the water pipe with her right hand and has goose bumps on her arm. Flapflapflap. After 30 seconds its over. You horny sow she says to the giant. Then the cameras are switched off.

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Uta Schmidt, 48, is Dirty Tina. Under this name you can find her on the internet on websites like Mydirtyhobby. But she also reveals her real name, an exception in her industry. Anonymity is otherwise part of the business principle - also on this Wednesday morning in a small clinker brick building in the north of Münster. Not everyone who takes part in the shooting has initiated their spouse or boss into the part-time job. Many are afraid to risk their reputation with colleagues, friends or neighbours if it came out who is behind the mask. Uta Schmidt no longer wants to worry about her reputation. She was an investment advisor for a long time - the image was really catastrophic. After the financial crisis, business broke down for her. Shes been making money with Internet porn for six years now: What Im doing now feels much more honest. she says. In the world of real or supposed amateur porn there are many roles to satisfy the users curiosity. Dirty Uta is a MILF, a Mom Id like to fuck, a mother with whom boys would like to fuck. In the USA, MILF has long been one of the most popular porn genres. Uta Schmidt says that as a sex actress she gets the confirmation she always wanted. That sounds like a phrase that could be used to talk ones way through any job. But she says with conviction: For the first time in my life, I have the feeling that I have arrived. The business outfit is also a reminiscence of earlier days: Uta Schmidt trained as a bank clerk and worked for many years as an investment consultant.

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Her parents house in Rheine was pure horror, she says. She wanted to get away from her father, an alcoholic who abused her mother. She left grammar school after the tenth grade, learned to be a paralegal and finally moved out. She moved to a cooperative bank, where she trained as a bank clerk in evening school parallel to her job. Finally, she started in an office that later belonged to a structural sales company, one of those strictly hierarchical financial companies in which thousands of people talk insurance to their friends - and above all the many bosses earn from it. She was first an assistant and later a freelance financial consultant. The Lehman Bank went bankrupt in 2008. Uta Schmidt chose through the entire address book, but nobody wanted more financial products. I was in a very bad mental state back then, she says. One of the worst moments, she tells with a hushed voice, was when she was unable to pay her son 2.50 euros more in pocket money per week. Then she and her husband borrowed 5000 euros from their mother-in-law and couldnt sleep through the night anymore. For the first time in her life she had started praying.

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The Internet then showed the way. A long time ago, Uta Schmidt and her husband had already started filming each other having sex. That turned me on incredibly, she says. It was the attraction of exhibitionism, but also the attraction of money. In March 2010 - at the age of 42 - she published her first videos. In the first month she earned 50 Euros and in the next month already more than 600. The banker Uta Schmidt became Dirty Uta - porn actress. And sex entrepreneur. Dirty Uta and her colleague Anny Aurora, who is almost 30 years younger than her, rented a stand at the Venus erotic fair. Refugees were also accommodated on the fairground of the ZDF had therefore sent their reporter Ralf Kabelka. He was to ask the porn actors what the refugees could learn from them. Dirty Uta also landed in front of the microphone. She wore a red glittering blouse, deep neckline, black make-up eyelashes. Later she says she didnt understand that the question was meant ironically. What do refugees have to do to become like them? You have to discipline yourself if you really want to do it on your own, she replied. Kabelka went into the matter: So German virtues seen that way? Dirty Uta: Exactly, exactly. The porn industry is a relentless performance system Uta Schmidt is already serious about this. Diligence, discipline, punctuality - thats exactly how she made it in the amateur porn industry. At the beginning she stands in front of the webcam for eight to nine hours a day. Also Easter and Christmas, because there are a lot of spectators. In addition, she films porn with users and develops her image as a MILF, as a dream come to flesh of uptight schoolboys. She also has bad experiences. Shooting partners who hurt her. Today she is so successful that she can choose who she wants to shoot with. She rejects productions in which she has little say. The porn industry is a relentless performance system. In this it resembles the financial industry. Instead of final statistics, there are hit lists that are kept by the sex pages. With the amateur portal of Beate Uhse Dirty Uta stands on place one. Payment is made according to the number of viewers. Dirty Utas films have high ratings. It makes me proud that as a porn actress I make more money than I did in the bank, she says. Sex actress Uta Schmidt in action In the cold clinker brick building the next scene is in the box. The porn actors change their clothes in a small room. Mini skirt and fishnet blouse are now exchanged for a business outfit: on the next shoot, the two women play court-appointed defenders. Sports bags and underwear are lying on the floor, a night storage stove is hanging on the wall, but it doesnt work. Uta Schmidt bibbles and sniffs. The actors discuss where their boundaries lie. A cameraman asks Dirty Uta if she really finds it bad to be called a slut or a hooker - just acting. No, thats below my level, she replies. Thats just not appropriate. Whats not appropriate - Uta Schmidt has a clear idea of that. And she says that as a porn actress she can stick to it, unlike as a financial advisor. Back then, she did things that werent her right. Cold contacts, for example. In order to win new customers, she took a telephone book, randomly called people and made them believe that she had been recommended by their friends. Only rarely is it possible to warm up such a cold contact for a business. Thats really chumming up, thats doorknob cleaning - I found that terrible, she says. Today she doesnt have to humiliate herself anymore, thats how she sees it. Sex in front of the camera is more honest than pressing fund-linked pension insurance policies. With me nothing is played , it maintains, which I make available to the user, that is genuinely, authentically. In the financial sector, on the other hand, she would have had to lie. Because as an investment consultant she received a commission for every financial product she sold. The scarcer the money became, the sooner she was willing to let any decency go. She then took out insurance policies that the customer did not need. I had to earn money, she says - and it was usual in the industry anyway. Uta Schmidt repeatedly draws comparisons between the world of finance and the world of eroticism. She wants to write about her two lives in an autobiography. The title she is thinking of, Finally serious, shows what she considers to be the more respectable one. But pride does not tell the whole story, there is also prejudice. The now 18-year-old son knows what the mother is doing. But the former colleagues from the bank have broken off contact with her. And the brother-in-law blackened Uta Schmidt and her husbands name to the landlady when he found out that they were making sex films. She then prohibited any pornographic work in the apartment.

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